zamówienia polskie zegarki leon prokop

The watch is made upon customer order

If you would like to have a watch from our studio, read the information below and order.

The fact that the watch does not wait on a shelf for its owner and is made with consideration makes the object unique from the very beginning...

Terms and conditions for placing an order:

1. Every watch is made after placing an order for a particular model.

2. The customer can introduce changes to every model presented on the website with regards to the watch strap (colour, size, thread colour), finishing of the plate (polished or satin), colour of the marks, colour and model of the hands. In the case of changes, the standard model will feature an individual appraisal of the watch.

3. Therefore, the watch is delivered within 4–5 weeks from the moment of confirming the order.

4. Every watch that leaves the studio has a unique, subsequent number given in accordance with the order sequence.

5. The manufacture is a legally operating Polish company, we provide receipts and issue VAT invoices.

Procedure for placing an order:

1.Customer sends an order for a selected model to: sprzedaz@leonprokop.pl

2.The studio responds by confirming the order and including the date of sending the ready watch together with bank details for an advance payment.
(the payment is accepted onto the bank account and by PayPal)

3.An insured package is delivered to the given address which includes the watch, an instruction and warranty.